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Create a vision. Live your values. Embrace the change.


Duca Lopicic, ECPC, BSc, QFA

Welcome to my page!  I am Erickson Certified Professional Life and Executive Coach. As a solution focused coach my work with clients is based on partnering and working together to create a better future. Change is bringing us growth and a positive change opens the doors to the transformation and progress - one conversation at a time.

Discover your vision, reach your goals

Whether you come to me for Life Coaching, Career/Executive Coaching or simply a better quality of life

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Life Coaching

  • long-term life vision

  • reach your ultimate goals

  • establish good habits

  • core values

  • mindful living

  • emotional intelligence

  • self-motivation

  • continuous learning 

  • creativity

  • time management

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Executive and Career Coaching

  • transitioning to a new role

  • prevent burn out

  • become a better leader

  • increase the efficiency

  • better communication

  • collaboration

  • empathy

  • flexibility

  • accountability

  • healthy ego


Dalai Lama

“Open your arms to change but don’t let go of your values.”

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