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I understand that deciding to see a life coach for the first time in your life might feel overwhelming. That is why I created this section to try and summarise anything and everything you might want to know about Life and Career coaching. Hopefully this will give you a good insight into what coaching involves and what to expect in a session.

How is Erickson Professional Coach different than any other coach?

Erickson Professional Coach practices and follows the work of Milton Erickson, American psychiatrist and psychologist. Sessions are mainly future and solution focused.


What is the difference between a therapist and a professional coach?

A therapist focuses on mental health and emotional healing while a professional coach focuses on helping a client set and achieve goals, solve problems, and experience a personal growth, etc. 


How can a life coach help me with my day to day life?

There are many ways for Life/Career coach to assist the client. Just some of the topics I cover in the sessions with my clients are: increasing efficiency, becoming a better leader, becoming happy and fulfilled at home and at your job, exploring the potential, etc.


How would I know if mentor or a coach is a better option for me?

This truly depends on client's needs. A coach provides the guidance and helps client reach their goals and full potential. On the other hand a mentor is someone who shares their knowledge, skills or experience, to help client develop.The main difference is that a coach won’t tell you what to do. In coaching we use questioning techniques to help you uncover the answers yourself. 


What happens during the first intro session?

The first intro session serves for the client and the coach to meet and decide if they can work together. It's a great opportunity to discuss coaching techniques, client's topics of interest and methods that are explored in coaching.


How can you help with the business life?

It is irrelevant if you are working as a business owner or a corporate employee, if we work hard, we neglect ourselves, work-life balance is impacted or non existent. I can help you build confidence, enhance decision-making skills and assess your quality of life.


How can you help with improving personal life?

Would you like to reach your personal goals, while you are living your vision and your dream? Life coaches partner with their clients in order to help them explore their goals, reach their full potential and understand their values, wishes and  most importantly- connect with their inner power source.


How many coaching sessions will I need?

This is entirely up to client. Typically, there are at least 3 sessions needed for most of the clients to make a significant progress with the topic. However, this is very individual, but usually sessions are set as 3, 5, or 10 sessions packages. Some clients choose to have weekly session, while some clients do monthly sessions.

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