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Power of the mind shift

My dear community,

Wishing you a prosperous and wonderful New 2024!

Today I would like to talk about the power of the mind shift and deepening of ones vision. If you never explored this, you might want to consider trying...being the new year and all. 💡

With my clients, I often explore their ideas, visions, scenarios that they create for themselves or perhaps wonder about. What always surprises them is how easy it is to step into the vision as long as you are not afraid to shift your thoughts, your present idea of the future, or perhaps your believes in some instances. However, the mind shift is not necessarily linked to the self-challenging process, it could be triggered by the goal you have but you are too afraid to imagine reaching, since it seems like a very tall mountain and you are afraid of heights. You see, these fears do not exist in visions. A vision is this magic place where things are possible, where your dreams come true and you feel powerful, energised and ready to conquer it all!

In coaching we work with visions a lot. Visualising ones goals means being in that place, shifting your mind from 'I would like to be there' to 'I am here, I have arrived and I feel great'. The power of using the vision in coaching is in allowing the client to get rid of all mental and emotional constrains and truly become one with their vision. Once you reach that place, where you are doing your dream job, spending more time with people you love or perhaps start a new business, you are seeing things more clearly. What I like to say is that this place allows you to see the real you. How you feel, which core values of yours are completely aligned with your vision and more over, what has shifted for you at that moment when you are in your dream, in your vision, reaching that goal you always wanted to reach.

What is the most impressive and rewarding feeling for me, is seeing my clients reach that self awareness moment, when they realise they can, and will do that, and they generate so many new ideas, see more benefits and become their most resourceful selves.

Once you experience this awakening and allow yourself to step into the vision and do that mind shift from 'not sure I can do it' to 'I am doing it, I can feel it and wow it feels great',

everything will change.

I am so grateful that as a coach I get to witness and help clients through these inner discoveries. Let me know if you would like to try. I am more than happy to help you not just reach your goals, but become the best version of yourselves.

Stay safe, healthy and happy ❤️


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